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How We Invest

Green Plus employs a carefully structured and highly disciplined approach to investing. It is a method that has served our clients well over the years and one in which we continue to have unwavering faith. We follow a well-defined investment philosophy that lends itself to the generation of favorable investment returns regardless of the prevailing market conditions. This does not mean that we are rigid - on the contrary, we cherish our ability to adapt and change when the need arises but when we do deviate, it is never too far from the core wisdom of our fundamental investment beliefs.

Driven by Research

We rely on cold, hard and unyielding research to power our decision-making processes. We purge emotion from the equation preferring to let the purity of math and fundamental analysis form the rationale for our recommendations.

Our Investment Philosophy

In our considered opinion, it is not necessary to expose capital to excessive levels of investment risk order to achieve consistently strong returns. Risk is always present as it is with any form of investment even cash deposits at a bank but it is how our professionals mitigate that risk that determines whether returns will outperform or underwhelm.

Peerless Risk Management

Here, at Green Plus, we commit significant resources to our risk management operations because it is only by staying one step ahead of constantly changing markets that we can avoid large losses. Of course, some investing rules endure regardless of the prevailing economic climate but those who fail to bend with the winds of change must eventually break.

Count on Intervention

The threat of inflation weighs heavily on any investor's mind and quite rightly so. We see no evidence of governments abandoning their penchant for short-term "quick fixes" whenever economic growth slows or when there is a crisis. Rather, we plan to know that they can always be counted on to ignore the long term causes and focus on addressing the effects. This provides us and, of course, our clients, with a distinct advantage.

Our investment philosophy is based on two fundamentals:

Diversification - Modern portfolio theory continues to prove the merit of investing in a wide array of assets to achieve strong risk-adjusted-performance.

Liquidity - Ensuring that assets are liquid - that is, easily bought and sold - is a key failsafe for all our investment portfolios. It allows us to respond and adapt to changing market conditions effectively and at a minimal cost.

Discretionary Management

By entrusting us with limited authority to make discretionary investment decisions on your behalf, you are free to go about your normal business safe in the knowledge that we are working hard to see to it that your investment return objectives are met.

Financial Planning

No two investors are identical. Your life develops like no one else's and, as such, it requires a financial plan of action that is personalized to reflect your situation and your life's unique characteristics.

The LongShort Report

The LongShort Report is a popular subscription-based investment report for more experienced investors who have a desire to profit from the short-term volatility typically associated with financial markets.

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